How to Build Your Personal Brand….

‘Personal Brand’ is in many ways synonymous with your reputation. It refers to the way other people see you as a business owner or representative of an idea, organization, or activity.

Are you a genius? An expert? Are you trustworthy? What do you represent? What do you stand for? What ideas and notions pop up as soon as someone hears your name?

When you have a personal brand, people recognize and care about your name, what you’re working on, what you offer, and what you’re about.

Avoid doing publicity stunts with obvious risks, or doing bad things in order to get attention. When bad things do happen, work actively and harder than expected to make the situation right. People that overcome bad publicity do so because they have a strong basis of good publicity to start with.

Every good brand involves the notion of expertise.

Have a Great Success Building Your Personal Brand!


Ginte Joceviciute/Miles